Conser Design, Construction, & Maintenance

Conser Homes, Inc. d/b/a Conser Design, Construction, & Maintenance 

 As a multigenerational family-owned company, Conser Homes, Inc. has provides eye catching "stick-built" homes by Conser Design & Construction's team and expert real estate services through Conser Realty & Associates' team of professionals.  Conser Homes has been serving Oregon since it was incorporated in 1973.
   Conser Homes is an award winning Oregon business.  In 2000, Conser Homes was awarded the "Oregon State Small Business of the Year - 2000" from the Austin Family Business Program at Oregon State University.  In 1997, the Manager of Conser Design & Construction, Greg Conser, was awarded the "Oregon State Builder of the Year" and in 1996, he was awarded the "Willamette Valley Builder of the Year".  In addition, Conser Design & Construction has been awarded twice from the Willamette Valley Home Builders Association for "Best Kitchen" in the 2007 Tour of Homes and "Best Bath" in the 2008 Tour of Homes.
   Conser Design, Construction & Maintnenance currently focuses on constructing new, market rate investment properties and maintenance.   Being a family owned business, Conser Homes has high standards for their company which are set forth in their Mission Statement:

   For our community, we are committed to providing well-built affordable housing.
   To delight our customers, we are dedicated to satisfying our clients by offering a wide variety
      of housing products and services.
   To service our clients, we believe in the traditional values of family, honesty and integrity.
   For our team, we foster an environment of empowerment, unity and success.
   For our stakeholders, we see opportunities for our clients and our employees through growth,
      training and education.  
   To provide our customers better value, we strive for constant, continuous improvement and growth.

Conser Trivia

Conser Trivia #1:
The Conser's have been in the Willamette Valley so long that they have a type of soil named in their honor.  Ironically, it is a wetlands soil that cannot be built upon!

Conser Trivia #2:
It is rumored that at one time, Jacob Conser owned ALL of the brick buildings in Eugene, Oregon!(Unfortunately, at that time, there was only one!)

Conser Trivia #3:

A Monster was sighted at Conser Lake in Millersburg in August of 1960.  Some people thought it was an alien, others thought it was Bigfoot.  (We think someone was making moonshine out there and didn't want anyone around!)

Conser Trivia #4:

Jacob Conser was said to have won the first bid from the newly formed Linn County to construct a bridge over the Calapooia River.

Conser Trivia #5:

Jacob Conser's Plat for the City of Jefferson was for lots that were 55' wide and 150' deep.  Not much different than Cole's Crossing!

 The Conser Story
A Brief Family History

 The Conser's Great-great-great Grandfather, Jacob Conser, was an Oregon Pioneer.  Jacob, with his wife Nancy and two children (Manuel and Phoebe), arrived in Oregon via the Oregon Trail, in 1847. 

Jacob was quite industrious.  (As a child, he had been sold as an indentured servant where he learned the carpentry trade.)  After the family arrived in Oregon, he started a ferry across the Santiam River.  Jacob helped to start three towns in Oregon.  Syracuse and Santiam City were located along the banks of the Santiam River.  Both towns were washed away in a flood; the only thing left today is a small cemetery located along the bank of the river.  Jacob was the Post Master of one of the towns.

Jacob also founded the town of Jefferson, Oregon.  Originally known as "Conser's Ferry", the town's name was changed to Jefferson in honor of the third President.

In addition to his ferry, Jacob owned a hotel, a grist (flour) mill, a lumber mill, and a couple of general stores.  Jacob was a member of the Territorial Legislature and was quite politically active.  His home is now the Jefferson City Hall and Library.


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